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Second Rodeo
🗣️ Audio essay: Prototyping my life

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🗣️ Audio essay: Prototyping my life

Baby's first podcast episode 🥲

Hi y’all,

Coming at you with a bonus post this month! Here’s an audio recording of my most recent essay on prototyping my life. I thought I’d try this format out since it’s one of my favorite ways to experience other folks’ writing. Let me know what you think, if you’d like to hear more of these, and if you want photos of me huddled in a dark closet whil…

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Second Rodeo
Second Rodeo
A secret podcast for the all ideas I can't stop thinking about. Often, it's an audio reading of my most recent newsletter with an expansion on those ideas. Occasionally, it's more of a (slightly unhinged) voice note to myself!
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